August 19th 2021


The latest and most exciting devices in the new iOS line-up, the iPhone 13 models, are rumoured to be announced on September 14th 2021, and ready for pre-order on September 24th 2021.

First things first, although 13 is an unlucky number in some countries Apple will still most likely call their new flagship the iPhone 13.

Continuity doesn’t just stop there as it is expected for Apple to keep the flat edge designs seen on the current iPhone 12. This return to design means Apple will have more space for their internals, such as the same size of bigger battery, which wouldn’t be easy if they went back to curved edges.

But the most controversial design topic, the notch, is still here but seems to have reduced in size. You won’t see any full-screen or camera-punch displays like on Android counterparts on the new Apple line-up I’m afraid.

How much will the iPhone 13 cost?

Predicted Prices:
  • iPhone 13 Mini £699 - £769
  • iPhone 13 £799 - £869
  • iPhone 13 Pro £999 - £1069
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max £1099 - £1169

The most expensive was the iPhone X and XS, which were released at £999, with the latest standard iPhone 12 model coming cheaper £799. It is expected for Apple to keep their pricing for the new model line the same.

However, the iPhone 11 to 12 had a jump of £70, so Apple could jump up the projected prices by that amount, so don’t empty out your wallet or purse just yet! You may need the extra change.

What should we expect? What are the main improvements to sway you to upgrade?

Increased Performance

As with any new release, better computing processing and graphics performance is expected. The new A15 processor will speed up your app usage, but with iOS already being a very optimized and a light Operating System, the feeling of a faster phone will most likely be placebo.

Better cameras, especially in low light

Using leaked renders of the new devices, we can see much bigger camera modules on the back, which we expect will bring vastly greater low-light photo and video performance.

This was expected as currently the Google Pixel phones are highly-regarded as being the hardest competition to iPhones, with Google leading the way in night-time photography using their A.I. image processing. Apple seems to have taken the route for more powerful camera hardware and expensive lenses but will optimise their camera app to deliver the best images and video.

Will any new accessories be announced?

For fans of Bluetooth audio, they will be happy to hear that Apple is coming out with an update of the AirPods. With a new design and a cheaper price than the AirPod Pros, we think these will go flying off the shelf and bought in bundles with iPhone 13s on launch day.

Health and Fitness Integration

It is rumoured these new pods will have sensors on the stems to track your health and fitness, which will make them your newest high tech running companion.

We think it will be limited to just heart rate tracking for now, but who knows what surprises Apple could come up with. What other technology do you think they could put inside?

Apple will be targeting these pods to fitness enthusiasts; in the same approach they have with the Apple Watch. Leaked images show removable silicone tips to help with fit which is important when exercising.

With this new addition of health tracking, the new AirPods will need better battery life and more efficient internals too, which could mean that their stems or size of the buds will be bigger to cope.

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