January 13th 2021


2020 was shadowed over by the Coronavirus pandemic, but even during this outbreak that affected everyone world-wide, that didn’t stop cybercriminals from taking advantage.

Let’s take a look at the stats from last year and find out just how big the risk of your business being struck is, and how much it could cost you in the long run.

General findings from 2020 Cybercrime Statistics

In the UK, close to half of all businesses (46%) that took part in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey reported a cybersecurity breach/attack from winter 2019 to 2020. That is a very worrying number and just shows how the big the risk of cybercrime is.

From the data mentioned above, it seems that medium and larger sized businesses are targeted more often, most likely due to cybercriminals selecting companies that have a lot to lose, and more money to give.

What’s despairing is from the survey, 26% of charities reported a breach also which goes to show cybercriminals have no sympathy and will target anyone.

How are businesses being targeted?

It seems that the method of attack has changed, with more businesses reporting phishing attacks (86%) as the most common form of attack.

Did you know, we are able to test your employees with a test phishing email to see how many fall for the trap. At the end of the day, it’s mostly human error that allows data to be stolen and allows criminals to take over, so are you fully able to trust your workers? Get in touch if you want to find out!

How much could an attack cost a business?

According to the survey, when breaches resulted in material outcome (data or money being stolen etc.) it costed a business on average £3,230, with medium and larger companies getting hit with an increased average of £5,220.

Is that something you can afford during the pandemic?

Protect yourself with Lily

We can start by conducting a free IT site security assessment and identifying areas that could be improved to ensure there is as little risk for your business as possible. We can then provide your business with a completely customised IT security package that is not only cost-effective but also takes your needs into account.

Why not get in touch today? Simply use the contact form and let us know that you want to protect your business!

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