February 9th 2021



How Lily keeps children safe whilst learning

It’s Safer Internet Day! Every February safer internet day is celebrated globally, to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology and inspire a national conversation. So, we wanted to share with you how at Lily we keep our school customers safe.

The internet is the most powerful tool for education but can also be dangerous, not just to your data, but also to vulnerable children who can access harmful content.

Did you know in 2020, 41% of primary schools, 76% of secondary schools and 80% of further/higher education institutions that took part in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020 claimed they were a victim of cybercrime?

 cybersecurity stats in schools

Protecting organisations is a top priority for us at Lily. We want to create a safer internet for everyone and within schools, that starts with the most vulnerable people. 

We partner with one of the world's leading firewall and filtering companies, Sonicwall, to deliver next generation firewall, deep packet inspection and content filtering into schools across the UK. This powerful solution protects schools in their mission against safeguarding children and young people. Safer Internet Day has never been more important than it is today, with many children now learning in a remote environment, spending more time accessing devices and without the supporting observation of school teachers and staff. 

We recognise that the challenge is huge and schools shouldn't have to fight the battle alone. Here are just some of the ways we recognise that we can help you to deliver a more secure learning environment:

  • Next generation firewall to ensure a multi-layered approach to security and block any viruses or malware from getting into your network.
  • Content filtering on your network and devices to block children from accessing illegal or harmful content on the web - this includes text, imagery, video and messages.
  • Permission levels on hardware to ensure that you can customise the restrictions on devices provided to teachers vs those provided to students. We do also recognise that you may have vulnerable teachers at the moment who need your support too, so you may wish to be more restricted on the type of content you allow them to see. 
  • Secure virtual classrooms allow for authorised users to be able to see what messages students may be sending to each other on our platforms, to minimise any cyberbullying or cheating.
  • Out of hours updates can be automatically scheduled on devices we manage for you to ensure that disruption is minimised during school hours.
  • Just like your students, our Antivirus is constantly learning! Not only do we block known viruses that are on our database, but we can stimulate a virtual network of your schools network, to see the behaviour of unknown programs and what they are trying to accomplish. Any programs that we suspect are trying to steal your data or take advantage of your students, we will treat as a virus and block. If we somehow block something that is safe or needed, the IT Admin can easily whitelist so that systems work as planned.
  • Student work and data can be held securely using our cloud storage solutions. This means in the event your premise is unavailable for use, students and teachers are still able to access their work and teaching material at home. IT Admins can also set permission levels that can be assigned to different users, so that certain folders or files can only be accessed by those authorised to do so.

If you want to ensure your students are keeping safe, then get in touch today. We would love to show you first-hand just what our solutions are capable off in a free demonstration, in the theme of Safer Internet Day 2021, we're "together for a better internet". Please get in touch via our contact form for more information.

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