May 27th 2021


Collaboration is the key to success!

If we have learnt anything from the past year, it’s that we are more successful when we work together. Business is no different – collaborating together can support both of our businesses growth journeys.

Partnerships provide knowledge, growth and support and that’s why businesses should begin to focus their attention to them. By partnering with Lily, the opportunities can be endless, as the potential earnings are uncapped! The additional resource and expertise mean within minutes you have relationships that you could have only dreamed of.

At Lily, we’re proactively recruiting partners to come on the journey with us, as we know we could be better together. We have a huge eco-system of award-winning solutions including voice, connectivity, IT, mobile and merchant services. As an organisation, we are backed by years of experience in the telecoms and IT sector and we’d like to share that with your customers!

Recent Success Stories:

One of our partners generated £3.5k commission from auditing an organisations fixed infrastructure; the client benefitted from improving their comms solution whilst generating savings of over £14k!

Another partner earned a respective £2k commission from simply passing us a lead. Lily managed the sales and IT onboarding process of this project.

These examples demonstrate how easy it is to earn revenue from our partner programme. All of our partners are fully supported by the Lily marketing team, who help with targeted campaigns, offers and content.

For more information on our partner programme, you can browse our partner levels on the leaflet below.

Download Partner Leaflet

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Why Choose Lily?

  • Multi Award-Winning Business
  • 86% of our customers have saved money
  • We work with leading technology partners for the most innovative comms and IT solutions
  • Tailored services unique to your business
  • Consolidate your bills & services with one trusted provider
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 support options