Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Many companies run outdated software for a variety of reasons, but cost is usually high up on the list. Capital investment is significant when rolling out key software and therefore there is often a reluctance to continually spend money upgrading when firstly margins are tight and secondly the current software “does the job”

The fact is, the longer you run legacy software, the more difficult it becomes to support which in turn increases the risk to your business.

Microsoft Office 365 provides a low cost, manageable solution which removes the worry of running outdated software via a monthly or annual subscription.  Microsoft Office 365 delivers familiar desktop applications, e-mail and various collaboration tools across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It increases business productivity by allowing you and your employees to access information without the restriction of needing to be in the office.

Stay up and running, no matter what happens

Access to information is what keeps a business running.  In the event of an in-house network failure, fire or flood, not being able to access your data, servers or even your website would be a major problem.  Microsoft Office 365 ensures all your email and documents if stored in the cloud are continually available.

Data security and control

Microsoft Office 365 is extremely secure and constantly adheres to compliance changes as they are introduced.  Your data belongs to you and you will always know where it is and who has access to it.

You can work anywhere at any time

Being able to work remotely in today’s’ world increases productivity.  In the past, working from various locations involved VPN’s and continuous assistance from “technical” IT people to ensure this worked.  Using Microsoft Office 365 simplifies this with users being able to access the same information on multiple devices wherever they may be.

Get organised

Meetings, Email and Contact Management are a fundamental part of working life.  When you use Microsoft Office 365, your email, calendar and contacts are all synchronised to work together across all your devices.

Predictable monthly cost

Large costs are headache for most small businesses.  Microsoft Office 365 has a flexible monthly billing model that lets you increase or decrease the number of users together with being able add or change plans to suit your business needs.  For a small business that is looking to adopt a cloud strategy, this simple, scalable solution is the perfect offering.

Larger Mailbox Storage

Depending on your type of business, email must be legally retained for a lengthy period.  A familiar trend which has also emerged is people are hesitant or unwilling to delete email in general.  Sometimes we try to tidy our mailboxes, but this tends to be moving emails into different folders rather than hitting that delete key. Storage and maintenance of large mailboxes can be a headache for IT departments, especially for larger organisations.  With Microsoft Office 365, this kind of headache is removed as every user receives 50GB of email storage space.

No more licensing mess

Sorting out software licenses can be an administrative nightmare for a small business owner. One of your employees might be using one version, while another employee is using an upgrade of that same version. The result? You don’t know how to bring everyone inline so they’re all working on the same version.

Microsoft Office 365 simplifies licensing by allowing you to deploy the latest version of the software based on the “plan” you choose across your entire organisation.

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