Almost 300 Billion emails are sent every day and almost 50% of them are spam, unwanted emails that can cause you to spend hours cleaning up your email network to prevent someone from opening them and infecting your network with a virus that can cause expensive data loss and costly clean-up. This is why there is need for spam filters and antispam software that block harmful emails from getting through. The recent ransomware attack is a good example of what can happen if businesses become compromised and let damaging emails through.

Cloud-Based Antispam Software

Our powerful antispam software can block 99.99% of spam emails, ensuring the chance for someone to open a destructive email is greatly reduced. These emails are blocked before they even reach your email network and keeps your business email secure. Our service was designed with maximum compatibility in mind and works with all mail servers and email clients. Protect your data and save time and money, whilst also having control over your businesses email.

Customisable Spam Reporting

Users of our antispam software can allow spam reports to be delivered to them whenever they want that allows them to see emails that were filtered and give permission for selected emails to be sent and more. Harmless emails may be blocked as a precaution by our AntiSpam Software so the ability to deliver them is an option for either administrators or specific users.

Advanced Email Content Filtering

Using our email content filter, you can filter incoming and outgoing emails to remove attachments from emails or block emails that contain specific file types. You can even use our content filter to set a limit on the size of emails and block emails that exceed your set time.

Our Compliance Filter also allows you to automatically forward emails sent to one user, to another, or to forward emails with a specific subject and more. You are in total control over email and spam filtering.

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