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Effortlessly attract more clients with SO WIFI

The internet is an invaluable space to market your business, providing access to a range of information, reviews, directions and more. Combining your online presence with your physical presence offers a powerful solution for marketers to reach potential customers at every touch point of their journey.

SO WIFI offers a powerful guest WiFi solution that trades fast and free WiFi access to your visitors in exchange for a like on your social media pages, building up your brand awareness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other major social media networks.

As your customers use your guest WiFi, SO WIFI will gather useful insights from their social media profiles, such as the age, gender, email, location, interests and more, building your customer reports using real customers and ultimately helping you be more strategic in your marketing planning.

SO WIFI also offers a number of other strategic benefits for marketers:

SO WIFI enables you to:

SO Wifi

If you like SO WIFI, you might also be interested in SO Review.

SO Review is our all-in-one review terminal that groups up all your reviews from major review sites in one big database, allowing you to easily manage and track your customers online word-of-mouth.

Through automated emails to your known customers, you can collect positive reviews on major review sites like TripAdvisor, while negative reviews are delivered straight to you and not for the world to see.

Using intelligent learning, frequently used keywords are recorded, and a report is produced allowing you to see what words are commonly used in positive or negative reviews.

SO Review

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