Mobile Working

Mobile Working

Businesses today thrive on flexibility and accessibility.

We want to be able to check in with projects from other locations, work remotely and conference call colleagues on the other side of the world.

That’s why we have partnered with Ericsson-LG to deliver you a consistent Mobile Working experience, enabling you to make the most of your communications investment wherever you are.

Work is increasingly less about a location and more about having access to the tools and connectivity required to do your job. Ericsson-LG iPECS delivers a range of mobility solutions designed for today’s business climate.

What is Mobile Working?

Mobile Working is the process of working as you normally would in any location, without compromise. Mobile Working Solutions give you the tools required to allow you to continue to work as if you are at your desk, when you could be on a train, in a café, or working from home. This means access to the same platforms and information, ensuring your output remains consistent, irrespective of location.

Mobile Working Solutions with Lily

iPECS Communications Platform – Enabling Smart & Collaborative Mobile Working

Regardless of device, network or location, users can work seamlessly and will need less training as the iPECS communications platform will deliver the same user experience across different device platforms.

Through the iPECS communications platform, mobile workers are able to work with office workers across the same system through secure and simple access.

Deploy Mobile Working with Control and Manageable Costs

Lily Mobile can allow your business to deploy an effective COPE or CYOD scheme without facing high call charges. In addition, using our Mobile Device Management Solution, you can make sure you have control over mobile working, home working or international access.

Take advantage of your Smartphone Investments

Smartphones are expensive. With typical smartphones costing in excess of £500, making sure you get a return on investment for your team is critical. iPECS helps you make more of your mobile assets and save money by reducing expensive tariff use and helping you manage costs.

Ericsson-LG iPECS technology helps you to make the most of all of your teams and devices, ensuring that critical communications can always be delivered simply, securely and cost-effectively.

What Claire Sumner say about us

We moved our 6 business mobiles to Lily and have been extremely pleased with level of customer service we received. Quick response to calls and emails, any queries are resolved quickly.

Claire Sumner

Multi-Site Businesses

If your business operates in more than one location throughout the UK, we can still provide you with a cost-effective solution to link all of your sites together through our cutting-edge iPECS UCP, the perfect Multi-Site Phone System for SME and Corporate businesses.

Our partnership with world leading communications manufacturer Ericsson-LG means that we can supply your business with a single, centralised phone system that operates over multiple sites. There is no requirement to have a system in every location, significantly cutting costs and improving efficiency for your business.

The iPECS UCP – Multi Site Phone System

The iPECS UCP, taking advantage of the latest standard based technologies such as SIP, combines voice, video and data communications into one powerful scalable Unified Communications platform.

With support for 2 to 2000+ users, the iPECS UCP has built-in out of the box iPECS Unified Communications compatibility, which means that users can take advantage of voice, video, conference calling, instant messaging and visual voicemails all in one user-friendly platform.

Total Reliability

Reliability is of great concern when attempting to communicate from different sites using just one phone system. Through the iPECS UCP’s exceptional modular architecture you can be assured of its complete resilience.

Anytime, Anywhere

The iPECS UCP can be accessed wherever you are using smartphone, tablet or PC applications, allowing you to stay connected to your phone system 24/7.


Integration with standard office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook or Lync (plus many more) means your communications are truly integrated, allowing you to maximise your system setup and ensure it works for your business model.

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