Business Continuity

Business Continuity

No-one likes to think to think of the worst-case scenario, especially when it comes to managing a business.

But what would happen if you were struck by a disaster such as a fire or flood? Could you afford to vacate your offices until restoration? Could you still operate and serve your customers?

Most customers would allow a grace period, but if you were out of action for a long time, you may find their loyalty waning as their needs outgrow a limited or stalled service. This is why we created Business Continuity.

What Horsepower International say about us

Lily came in and identified the best service for our business. They were then efficient and reliable during install and stayed within budget. We had a named engineer who we could call during the install and switch over, who knew what we wanted and worked with us to ensure we could achieve it.

Madeleine Marston

Whether it’s fire, flood, burglary or any other unforeseen circumstance that renders your business incapacitated, we are here to get you back up and running - immediately. Our range of revolutionary mobile working technologies will enable your workforce to operate remotely until you can return to your office. Your employees will be able to access the full capabilities of your communications system from any location.

As far as your customers are aware, it is business as usual, which means you don’t have to worry about a fall in revenue or service standards.

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