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3 For Free

For a limited time, we are running our BEST EVER business communications package and Call Bundle – The 3 FOR FREE. We’ve designed this package to help deliver your business with leading edge technology while cutting costs on your bottom line.

What’s included in the 3 FOR FREE promotion?

With any purchase of one of our industry leading communications systems you will receive:

That’s three great reasons to join.

Who is eligible for the 3 FOR FREE promotion?

Any new client who purchases one of our award-winning phone systems and replaces outdated analogue or ISDN lines with SIP channels will be entitled to the 3 FOR FREE promotion.

What is a SIP channel?

Did you know that BT is set to switch off the ISDN network by the latest 2025? There is now a new and improved alternative to ISDN. SIP is here to help future proof your business and save you a significant amount of money on your existing line rental and call costs. They use an ultra-reliable, dedicated voice broadband to carry voice traffic.

Yeah, but won’t you just charge high prices once the promotion period has finished?

Not at all! Our network services rates are amongst the most competitive in the country. Once the promotion period has ended, businesses can expect to save between 40% and 60% on their communications bill compared with major providers.

3 For Free

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