Protection from Openreach Charges

Due to the ageing copper network in the UK, line faults are a common issue, but in many cases, it is hard to establish whether the fault is with the line, the customer equipment, internal wiring or an environmental issue. In order to reach a resolution, we would like to be able to engage an Openreach engineer to visit the customer’s site.

When Openreach attend sites to investigate a suspected fault, our customers run the risk of being charged £145 for every visit – and in some cases, multiple visits are carried out. We want to provide the best level of service possible, without our customer’s fearing significant charges.

With our LineGuard service, we are able to fix line faults faster and will avoid incurring unnecessary charges. LineGuard can be added to every ISDN or analogue line that your business has and will protect your business from expensive Openreach charges.

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