Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Our Mobile Apps are designed to make communication easy, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Using the iPECS Unified Communications Solution, you can experience next level communications solutions, even when you’re out and about.

Unified Communication Solution – Mobile client

The iPECS UCS (Unified Communications Solution) is a powerful multimedia collaboration and productivity enhancing tool, built for all types of businesses.

With its single server architecture, you can start experiencing the next generation communications solution, without investing in enterprise level equipment. With rich features and the ability to integrate third party solutions, this product is well-suited to the environments of small and medium enterprises.


Audio Call / Conference:

Video Call / Conference

Instant Messaging, SMS and Note

Call Control

Marketing on Hold

Almost 80 per cent of business calls are placed on hold either while the call is happening, or when it is diverted to a ‘hold’ after being automatically attended to.

Our ‘Music on Hold’ solutions are extremely effective when customer engagement is key, and you want to ensure your caller is happy to hold. Varying styles and types of music are offered to ensure there is a solution tailored to your needs.

We specialise in helping businesses to maximise their on-hold time to educate and communicate with their clients. Check out our online music-on-hold creator where we can create a bespoke music-on-hold telephone message for your business.

Your on-hold options:

Package 1) Two prompt music on hold messages with your choice of voice and music.

Package 2) Two prompt music on hold messages with the addition of an answering machine message and auto attendant message.

Click to Dial

PHONE-LINK is an easy-to-use application that fully integrates the power of the Ericsson-LG iPECS onto your desktop - boosting your productivity. Make telephony a simple as the click of a mouse by integrating the ability to make, transfer and receive calls. Check your colleagues’ presence on your desktop and see their availability instantly. This is a new and exciting way of engaging with your desk phone and communicating with your customers and fellow colleagues.

Enhance Productivity

Making telephony a fully integrated part of all of your business processes means you can help the rest of your team be more productive. Enhance productivity by:

Improving Customer Care

When your customers or contacts call you, database records can be instantly popped onto your screen, based on the incoming number being matched with the database records. This will help you build affinity with the caller and you’ll save time trying to discover who the caller is. You can immediately start processing orders, noting actions or initiating a business process based on the caller’s needs.


Make the move from telephone-based call control to screen-based call control an easy transition with PHONE-LINK. New users can get used to on-screen call control with many of the features and functions of the telephone replicated in an on-screen application. As your team becomes more confident, call control is increasingly integrated into the business processes and applications people work with, ensuring it becomes an extension of the application and desktop environment.

Easy Installation

Designed to be easily installed when you implement your iPECS system, or as a simple upgrade to your current system, the PHONE-LINK server requires only a simple PC and can be on a shared computer for small office installations. The client offers a simple wizard-driven setup on each PC with only basic configuration settings required. Thanks to the simple site-based licensing model, all users of the iPECS can easily access the full functionality of PHONE-LINK for an initial one off-site licence based on the iPECS Call Server.

Cost Savings

Just a few seconds saved on each call can create big savings for your business. With PHONE-LINK you can complete calls faster than ever before, thanks to the way the system finds customer records and database files for you - speed, simplicity and savings!

Deliver costs savings in your business by:

Using simple wizards pre-configured into the software set up, PHONE-LINK can ensure your application is working with your iPECS telephone system quickly and easily. The following table provides a quick and easy reference for supported applications.

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