Call Statistics

Call Statistics

Call Statistics

Want to find out how icall call statistics can help save your business £12,000 and double your sales (plus many other business boosting benefits)?

Increase the return on your communications investment with icall suite call statistics from Lily.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions icall call statistics from Lily is the solution your business needs to improve communications, save money & increase revenue.

It all sounds great. So, exactly how will icall help my business?

Missed Call Reporting

The average UK company loses £12,000 a year due to missed calls. 85% of customers will never call back if their call isn’t answered. They will simply go to the next option – your competitor. Imagine if you never missed a call again; with icall this is the reality. Many of our customers have enjoyed increased revenue thanks to this system.

Business Analytics

Our reporting tools will help you understand the patterns of your customer calls, so you’ll know peak times vs quiet ones. With this information, you can ensure optimum staffing levels and the delivery of consistently strong service to your customers.

Call Evaluation

It’s inevitable that your employees will perform at different levels. Our Call Reporting Software can help bring all of your staff up to the level of your highest performers. By recording calls, you can train and evaluate your staff using your star employees as examples on how calls should be handled. Additionally, it’s also easy to show staff where there is room for improvement and help them make these changes.


In a surprisingly high amount of industries call recording is a mandatory requirement. With icall suite, you can ensure your company is compliant with all of the latest industry regulation regarding call recording with everything else icall can offer for no extra cost.

Automated Dialling

If your business makes outbound calls, you could double the amount you make, without increasing staff, simply by using automated dialling.

Computer Telephony Integration

icall will help bridge the gap between your computer and your phone. With access to call history, you’ll benefit from being able to review a customer’s previous entries while you speak with them.

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