When dealing with the legal sector, clients expect effective, clear communication.

Lily offers the iPECS Unified Communications Platform (UCP) from Ericsson-LG. Designed to help legal practices communicate more effectively with their stakeholders and improve internal communication, the UCP keeps employees and clients connected to deliver increased responsiveness. This in turn delivers an edge over competitors as it boosts customer service.

This system gives your team the tools to be more productive on whatever device they are using. Additionally, Unified Communications allows you to keep costs down and save time by reducing the need for unnecessary travel.

Introducing the iPECS UCP

The iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG’s Unified Communications Platform, allowing you to grasp the latest standard based technologies, such as SIP, to make the most out of your communications whilst also saving on your monthly line rental when coming from an ISDN or Analogue Phone System.

Why is the iPECS UCP the perfect communications solutions for businesses in the Legal sector?

Users of the iPECS UCP can access the full-power of the desktop client on their smartphones or tablets anywhere, anytime using Wi-Fi or data. Through Mobile Extension, calls made to office phones can be diverted to mobiles, so you are connected on the go.


The iPECS UCP can be integrated with standard office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook or Lync and much more to make sure your communications and business processes are truly integrated.


Using just one centralised system, your business can connect multiple sites and run of a single iPECS UCP system alone.


The iPECS UCP is designed to deliver the flexibility you need as your organisation grows. Your communications can easily adapt to meet your business’s changing needs.


With the iPECS UCP, users are able to see what each other are doing to ensure that collaboration and effective teamworking are a priority.

In addition, users can use instant messaging for quicker and more convenient internal communication.

iPECS in Legal Sector Brochure

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