Free I.T. Security Risk Review Worth £1100

Did you know that cyber security incidents cost UK businesses over £34bn per year? The average cost sustained by an attack is £10,516. Could you afford to let this happen to your business?

We are offering businesses an I.T. security risk review worth £1100 to ascertain whether you business is at risk of cyberattack.

What does the IT Security Risk Review include?

Maybe there are no major problems with your IT network. It may operate to an acceptable level. However, wouldn’t you like to know if improvements could be made? Our full-scale IT audit will examine your company’s infrastructure and provide a detailed report explaining what works well and where changes could be made.

Using our auditing and management software we will provide a breakdown summary of:

Hardware & Software Inventory – What devices and software do you have deployed on your network?

Health of Servers & PC’s – Are there any underlying problems you are not aware of?

Backup – Are you taking regular backups?  Are they working correctly?

Antivirus – Is your solution up to date?

Updates – Are your Servers & PC’s running the latest patches/updates?

Security – Does your organisation meet the minimum Cyber Essential standard?

And the best part is, we'll provide you all of this totally free of charge.

How do I get the I.T. Security Risk Review?

Fill out the ‘How Can We Help?’ form below and our I.T. Specialist will get straight back to you with details on how to complete and benefit from the offer.

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