I.T. Solutions

Our cost-effective IT Solutions are aimed to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Lily deliver IT support when you need it; keeping your data secure from spam emails and viruses, storing your valuable emails and files in our secure cloud storage, giving you control of your mobile devices with our mobile device management software and so much more.

Managed I.T. Services

Our Managed IT Support service is designed to provide your business with high quality, cost-effective support without the drain on internal resource. We understand that the requirements and level of IT knowledge in each company is different, which is why we’ll always tailor our service to be right for the needs of your business.


Our primary method of support is our dedicated Help Desk. This service provides access to a qualified member of staff initially or within our 30 minute SLA. Our standard operating hours are Monday-Friday 08.00-18.00 however, we have out of hours and weekend cover options available.

Our Help Desk service can be enhanced by providing onsite resources. This can be as little as a few hours per month or scheduled days on a weekly basis. Again, we tailor this offering to your need.

Proactive Care

At Lily, all our Support Contracts include 24×7 Monitoring, Patching & Reporting, which alert our technical team to potential problems, enabling us to rectify these before they manifest and affect your business.

Network Administration

Our network administration service provides you with a helping hand with the administrative tasks required on your network, freeing up your time to focus on more important jobs. General network administration tasks can include adding or removing users, modifying user permissions, maintaining files or folders and general user security.

From the moment your Support Contract starts, our engineers will ensure every attention is given to ensure your network runs efficiently.

Our Managed IT service aims to give you peace of mind that we have your IT under control, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Additional IT services

Our powerful antispam software can block 99.99% of spam emails, ensuring the chance for someone to open a destructive email is greatly reduced. These emails are blocked before they even reach your email network and keeps your business email secure. Our service was designed with maximum compatibility in mind and works with all mail servers and email clients. Protect your data and save time and money, whilst also having control over your businesses email.


Our Antivirus Software works like an ever-developing antibiotic, giving protection against known viruses but also constantly checking for new versions that can slip through undetected. Through our advanced behavioural scanning and heuristic checks, new viruses are found out by placing them in a network away from your business and seeing what actions the viruses take.

Cloud Store

Your data is valuable and needs to be protected. Using Lily’s cloud storage is a cost-effective solution for your business, which is scalable and provides both scheduled and real time backup. All data that is backed up is encrypted so you never need to worry about the vulnerability of your information and your data is easily accessible should you require access to it immediately.

Email archive

Our email archiving software will preserve every inbound and outbound email, along with file attachments in a secure and dynamically scalable archive. It supports a variety of platforms including Microsoft Exchange (cloud and on-premises), IBM email platforms (cloud and on-premises), Rackspace Hosted Email, G Suite and many others. Email content can be easily exported to meet legal, compliance and corporate governance demands.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 provides a low cost, manageable solution for all your business productivity and collaboration needs. Office 365 combines all the familiar Office desktop applications, email and various collaboration tools with cloud storage for a solution that is accessible anywhere, at any time. Access your files, email and more across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Using a MDM solution allow businesses to let their teams to be more productive with their devices whilst also keeping the business network safe. Our MDM software allows you to manage and secure mobile and tablet devices. Its features are scalable, easy to configure and easy to manage, making the process of managing your mobile devices efficient and easy. With MDM, you can track data usage, location, remotely update the device and much more.

Patch Management

All IT systems need to be kept up to date with the latest patches to avoid your business being left open to security risks. Keeping on top of that patching and applying the correct ones can be a time-consuming job though. With our Patch Management Software, we reduce the risk of cyber-attacks by automating or manually deploying the correct level of patching.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management software gives you a value based on your data vulnerability, helping you build a strong business case for data protection and triage the most important problems to tackle. Some of the powerful features include deep vulnerability scanning, at-risk data discovery, risk trending reports, discovery of inappropriate access and more.

Web Filtering

Our IT Web Protection solution provides customised filtering policies, website blacklists and allows time and content-based browsing policies to be configured. Combining threat protection to reduce the risk against malware and phishing, along with access control, bandwidth monitoring and more, gives you the ability to ensure your teams are being productive and avoiding potential threats on your network.


Organise your customer data, follow up on your opportunities with targeted activities, manage your sales pipeline, identify new leads, send newsletters, handle your support cases and lots more with WebCRM. A customisable CRM platform that allows your teams to manage customer data. Improve your operations, deliver a better service to your customers and acquire new business.

What Pink Pig say about us

Pink Pig have worked with Lily for 7 years now; we started with them providing our telecoms which we are really satisfied with, then last year following their growth into the IT support market we took the decision to change our IT support over to Lily so we had all our support under one provider. Mick and the team took on what wasn’t an easy task, any problems we encounter are dealt with promptly and the customer support team are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Lily.

Rachel Hardwick

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