Marketing On-Hold

Almost 80 per cent of business calls are placed on hold either while the call is happening, or when it is diverted to a ‘hold’ after being automatically attended to.

Our ‘Music on Hold’ solutions are extremely effective when customer engagement is key, and you want to ensure your caller is happy to hold. Varying styles and types of music are offered to ensure there is a solution tailored to your needs.

We specialise in helping businesses to maximise their on-hold time to educate and communicate with their clients. Check out our online music-on-hold creator where we can create a bespoke music-on-hold telephone message for your business.

Your on-hold options:

Package 1) Two prompt music on hold messages with your choice of voice and music.

Package 2) Two prompt music on hold messages with the addition of an answering machine message and auto attendant message.

Why Choose Lily?