Visitor Marketing | The Next Big Marketing Strategy?

SO WiFi – The Best Visitor Marketing Tool?

Visitor Marketing | The Next Big Marketing Strategy?

What is Visitor Marketing?

Visitor Marketing is a somewhat new concept in which you target physical customers to advertise your business, or to encourage them to come back. Using tools and methods, you can sway visitors to like your business on Social Media for access to free Guest WiFi or a coupon to use in store, for example.

Preferentially, visitors may offer their email address instead, building your mailing list and allowing you to send them targeted emails in the future, such as special discounts to keep them coming back.

Visitor Marketing Benefits

  • It’s an easy and effective marketing strategy
  • Increase social media presence and build your mailing list
  • Attract new customers, as friends of visitors’ will see that they have ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ your business
  • Increase customer retention by giving customers rewards for repeat business

What type of business should execute a Visitor Marketing Strategy?

If you’re a business that deals with physical customers, such as a restaurant or hotel, a Visitor Marketing Strategy will be powerful. You will be able to work as normal, yet gain the marketing benefits and improve customer satisfaction if done correctly.

SO WiFi – The Best Visitor Marketing Tool?

SO WiFi is an ingenious marketing tool that helps build your social media presence, your mailing list and build up your customer information. Whilst also improving customer in-store satisfaction by providing free Guest WiFi. At the same time.

How does SO WiFi work?

The concept is simple. Visitors to your business are able to use free Guest WiFi if they log in on Social Media and ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your Business. Alternatively, they may give their email address instead, building your mailing list. SO WiFi remembers visitors, so they only need to log in the next time to access the free WiFi.

It also blocks inappropriate websites with sensitive material and malware, to prevent viruses infecting SO WiFi and user devices. SO WiFi is separate from your business WiFi so there is no risk of contamination.

You are able to customise the login in screens that customers will see, allowing you to advertise anything. Also, while your visitors use secure guest WiFi, SO WiFi will build a customer data list using their social media profile. Documenting customer gender, age, location, email address and more.

It is the perfect tool for retailers, restaurants, hospitality businesses and more. Learn more about The Ultimate Visitor Marketing Tool.

Visitor Marketing is a new, underrated marketing strategy that is overlooked by businesses who could get great results from it. It is hidden amidst the more popular marketing strategies, such as E-mail and Social Media Marketing. When in fact, Visitor Marketing can actually aid in their efforts.

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