The Power of Business Reviews (Local SEO)

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The Power of Business Reviews (Local SEO)

Collecting business reviews, especially on Google, could increase your online brand awareness, and potentially increase your local business by attracting customers in your area. How? Well, let’s go through the power of business reviews.

Why are business reviews so effective?

Local SEO

Well, if you go to Google and search for the product or service that your business provides. You most likely will see, and will be drawn to, Google’s Map Snippet before you even look at the traditional search listings (people usually scroll past the paid listings on top). In a literal sense, collecting positive reviews will put your business on the map.

You may be on the 10th page for a search, where pretty much no one ventures. However, if you collect reviews and improve your review ranking, your listing may show up on the 1st page above other listings, without major SEO.

Buyer Confidence

The BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2017 found that positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more. A positive business review will considerably increase your customer’s confidence in using your products or service, further improving your chance of increasing sales and growing your business.

Your business will also stand out from others, especially if you’re the only business in your area with reviews. Think about it, would you rather purchase from a business that has reviews (maybe just even one), or one without any?

How can I get reviews?

According to that BrightLocal Survey, consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business, so how can you get reviews? Start by asking anyone who has done business with you to give you a review on Google.

If they have already reviewed you on another website like Facebook, they probably won’t mind writing you a review on Google. You should avoid asking those who have had a negative experience with you as they may be tempted to post a negative review.

Don’t try to play the system and get your workers, family or fake accounts to get yourself reviews. Google is smart and has an algorithm for working out which reviews are genuine and which reviews are fake.

You yourself may have stumbled across a business review that looked suspiciously fake. Did it reduce your trust for the business and did you end up avoid making a purchase from them?

What can I do about negative reviews?

Even getting bad reviews will put you above businesses with no reviews on Google. Obviously, you shouldn’t aim to get negative reviews, but what should you do if you come across an unhappy customer ranting about your business for the ‘world’ to see?

It’s simple, just reply to them. Research shows 30% of people name responding to reviews as key when judging a local business. It shows that a business cares and is willing to work things out, which can ease the minds of people worrying about problems arising if they bought your product or service.

SO Review – Review Terminal Manager

SO Review is a great review tool for managing business reviews across major review sites such as Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Foursquare and more.

Through SO Review, you are able to view and respond to your business reviews without logging in on each site, saving you considerable time. You are also given expert advice on how to respond to reviews if you need some help.

SO Review uses intelligent learning to read reviews and will produce a report of frequently used keywords on positive and negative reviews, allowing you to easily see what areas of your business are appreciated, or people have trouble with.

In addition, in future reviews, the frequently used keywords are highlighted allowing you to easily see what topics a review will bring up.

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