The Importance of Graphic Design for SMEs

First impressions certainly count

The Importance of Graphic Design for SMEs

Even before Lily became ‘the home of digital transformation’ it was crucial for us as a growing business to have a website, an active social media presence, photography and effective marketing materials, all with a distinctive brand identity that was unique to us.

Graphic design is heavily involved in our day to day lives and continually surrounds us wherever we are. With this in mind, it’s hard to believe that some companies, both big and small still don’t take it as seriously as they should when it comes to marketing their brand to the public.

Businesses that are generating lower revenue streams and running off limited resources tend to market themselves from inside their office walls and adopt a ‘do it yourself’ approach. Having a website, branding and photography all of good quality can be pricey and not all business owners are willing to pay the professional rates for them. In order to save money, companies cut corners and try to create these things on the cheap, which can often lead to an unqualified and inexperienced person doing a poor and inadequate job, like the saying goes ‘pay peanuts, get monkeys’.

First impressions certainly count

Statistics show that it only takes a matter of seconds for a user and maybe a potential customer to decide whether or not your website looks the business and appeals to them visually. If your website looks high quality, visitors will be highly likely to spend more time looking through it and searching to find the information they’re after, which could lead to the customer getting in contact about a particular product or service, potentially giving you new business. The same can be said for your appearance on social media, emails marketing, office interior – it spreads across the board.

Getting a professional agency on board to help develop your brand can be really beneficial and can showcase their expertise far beyond a logo. They will create a solid and consistent brand identity that encompasses your company values, vision and focuses. It will be applied to all customer-facing and internal materials. A brand identity includes multiple factors like colours, fonts, the website layout, photography etc. As long as the company values and all the things the company stands for are communicated to the agency, then the brand will reflect them.

The consistent themes flowing through all the brand collateral will offer the same visual experience to your customers, making your brand recognisable and more importantly, memorable. Whether having a good quality brand is at the top of your list of priorities or not, it has to be said that a strong visual identity will set you apart from your competitors and be sure to generate more interest. As a business grows and branches out it is a good idea to invest in design from the get-go. That way you can be one step ahead of the market, stay on trend and appeal to new customer sets.

Of course, every rebrand is different. Some companies may be in need of a total transformation, others will hold onto bits of the old style if it is important to them as a complete change may affect their existing customer base. It’s all about what is right for you but as long as it is done right first time then you’ll be set up for the future.

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