How Call Reporting Can Save Your Business £1000’s a Year

How can call reporting negate missed calls?

How Call Reporting Can Save Your Business £1000’s a Year

UK SMEs are losing £90m per year in revenue through missed calls. That equates to £1,200 per missed call. The biggest losers are those with 20-49 employees, letting a massive £36m slip through the net per year.

85% of customers will not call back if their call is missed. They will just go to the next option – your competitor.

Crazy right? Especially when there is software out there that will clearly list all of your missed calls so that your customer service team, sales, or whoever is tasked with answering enquiries can call them back. Your business doesn’t have to lose a single penny through missed calls!

“Okay, nice statistics. Then how can call reporting negate the missed calls problems?”

There are occasions when all your operators are on a call and the person on the other end of the phone will put it down. It might just be a particularly busy period in the business, and there’s not much you can do about that.

Well, actually there is something you can do and I’ll come on to that later. The fact is under normal circumstances you will have lost that call and any potential revenue.

Having a call reporting software implemented into your business will highlight any missed call that’s come into your business, the time they’ve called, and it won’t be removed until that number is called back by someone in your team.

By doing this you’re ensuring that you have a conversation with a potential customer that would not have happened without call reporting software. Using this software is a highly effective way of essentially never missing a call, or revenue opportunity again.

“Ahhh, I see! Sounds great. Is there anything else call reporting can do to help my business?”

I’m glad you asked! Remember earlier when I said you can do something about your busy period? Call reporting can help with that too. It will help you understand the peak hours and less busy times your customers call.

This enables you to ensure you are staffed to the optimum level, without over-staffing, to deliver a premier service to your customers.

Call reporting also helps you to evaluate staff performance by delivering you with the call statistics of whichever groups of staff you like. For example, in our business we monitor the total call time, average call length, calls in and calls out for our sales and client services teams.

Using this information we can see who has been most and least effective on the phone throughout the day.

If you’d like any more information or advice about our call reporting solution, please email or call 0343 507 1111 and we’ll get right back to you.

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