In the same way that you would build and develop your physical fitness to improve your health and wellbeing, #bizfit is about building and developing the strength of your business to help you power ahead of your competitors and be the best you can be.

Because our area of expertise is business communications, we will be providing a range of advice, tips and solutions relating to improving your business fitness through better communication. These will be delivered in the form of business blogs, articles and videos that you can take in at your leisure.

As well as improving your business fitness through communication, we will also pass on what we have learned (the good, the bad and the ugly) in growing Lily from a standing start to more than five million turnover.

The Impact of Brexit on the Energy Sector

The production and consumption of energy resources is extremely important to the global economy. In the…

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The Future is Here for Business Mobile

Overview It wasn’t long ago that mobiles were, barely mobile and were strictly communication devices. In…

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Visitor Marketing | The Next Big Marketing Strategy?

What is Visitor Marketing? Visitor Marketing is a somewhat new concept in which you target physical…

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The Best Unified Communications Applications

What is Unified Communications? Unified Communications is the integration of real-time communications, such as video conferencing…

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CRM | The Marketing Power Tool

What is a CRM system? A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System is a large database of…

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Phone System Jargon, Explained | Part 1

Ever wondered what an ISDN line is, or what PBX means? Well, I did and researching…

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Top 5 Threats to your Business Phone System

Overview Your communications system cost a pretty penny so you’ll want to know how to protect…

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Simple SEO for Small UK Businesses

SEO can put your small business on the online map, the most popular advertising platform. Here…

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Does your business need a Leased Line?

Leased Lines are something you might hear about quite a lot when looking for a communications…

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The Future of Business Communications

The future can be something to look forward to or something to fear. Fortunately, with technology…

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Phone System Mistakes You Could Be Making

When it comes to having the right phone system for your business, you can make lots…

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Winter is Coming | Have You Thought About Business Energy Prices?

Business Energy Prices Energy is one of the most overlooked necessities by businesses, with most spending…

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What is a Hybrid Phone System?

With so many different Phone Systems and Communications Solutions out there for businesses, it’s no wonder…

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GDPR in 2018 | How is your business affected?

Find out what the GDPR is, what key changes will take place that you should be…

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SIP vs ISDN vs Analogue

What is SIP? ‘Session Initiation Protocol’ is a protocol of VoIP which allows users to make…

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IT Security | Do You Have A Weak Link?

Business Cybercrime Statistics Cyber Attacks are on the rise, according to an IT Governance Blog, in…

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Mobile World Congress 2018 | Top Tech for Business

The 2018 Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona from 26th February to 1st March excited the…

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The End is Nigh for ISDN – Long Live SIP

BT has announced that they are going to shut down their ISDN and PSTN network by…

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MAC vs Windows vs Chromebooks | What’s Best for Business?

When deciding what computer hardware your staff are going to use, whether it be for regular…

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How Call Reporting Can Save Your Business £1000’s a Year

UK SMEs are losing £90m per year in revenue through missed calls. That equates to £1,20…

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The Power of Business Reviews (Local SEO)

Collecting business reviews, especially on Google, could increase your online brand awareness, and potentially increase your…

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The Rise of Video Marketing (Social Media)

According to Cisco, video will make up 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Video…

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What is Unified Comms?

Unified Comms is a big buzzword in the communications industry. What does it mean and why…

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a highly scalable, low cost and manageable productivity software solution that provides a…

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