Community Relations

When connecting people is the nature of your business, it is only a small step to decide to push a little further and help a little more, so we try our best to work with causes and put a little back into the places and communities in which we work.

We are currently working with two incredible local children’s charities under our Quids4Kids initiative; these are the Gambaru Adversity Awards and One in a Million.

What is the Quids4Kids initiative?

We’re donating £5 to each of our chosen charities on behalf of our clients, every time we sell a communications system.

In addition to this, we are also running company events on a regular basis to raise extra money. Stay tuned for our regular updates!

Gambaru Adversity Awards

Having struggled at school and losing his eye to cancer at 33, Jonathan Walker – the owner of Gambaru Fitness – knows about beating adversity. That’s why he chose ‘Gambaru’ a Japanese word that means ‘never give in’ – ‘to be the best you can be’ as the name for his business. So, when I suggested we launch the Gambaru Adversity Awards, he didn’t blink. In fact, he nodded and smiled, probably knowing full well like most things we do this would grow to become bigger than planned.

Our objective was to reach into the community to find young people who have ‘kept going’ when it was easier ‘to give up’. Faced with adversity – social, physical or learning difficulties – each of our winners has used sport to overcome what life has thrown at them. Their journeys are unique, and they’ve all found the grit and determination you only discover when you move from ‘victim to survivor’. We salute each one of them and this programme is a tribute to their fortitude.

One In A Million

One in a Million is a Bradford-based charity that helps children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing education through sports, the arts and enterprise. We have a passion for this great city.

One in a Million was started in 2005 by a group of committed volunteers who wanted to make a real and lasting difference in these communities. We now work with up to 750 children and young people every week in Bradford.

Through our various community-based projects in eight centres across the city, we provide weekly “grass-roots” football and indoor athletics, “Kidz” Clubs, Dance and Educational & Creative Arts programmes. We have a committed band of trained volunteers and qualified coaches.

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