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Hospitality – Hotel Phone Systems

Hotel Phone SystemsThe hospitality landscape is evolving quickly as travellers become increasingly demanding and every interaction becomes an opportunity to build customer loyalty. We understand the challenges and can help you tackle them directly with our Hotel Phone Systems from iPECS, designed just for Hotels and businesses in the Hospitality Industry.

iPECS UCP – Unified Hotel Phone System

Guest Satisfaction

Great communication is the lifeblood of any hotel and aids your team in delivering great customer service. Your guests prefer simplicity, especially when accessing information on your hotel’s facilities. Through a combination of Phone, WiFi and TV, they can be provided with all the information they need to make the most of your hotel’s facilities.

Staff Training

In the Hotel and Hospitality industry, there is high staff turnover and limited available time to train your staff. With this information in mind, there is a great need for intuitive and easy systems, processes and technology to equip your staff to excel at every opportunity. The iPECS UCP Hotel Phone System provides users with an intuitive, easy to use interface that shows the benefits of iPECS technology in the Hospitality Industry.

Customers Search for Value Online

A standard part of the booking process for many guests is trying to find the best deal and reading up on the opinions of other travellers. Online bookings, often through aggregated booking sites, all reduce available margins, making it increasingly important to convert traffic from your own website.

Word of mouth and opinion sharing online has a powerful effect on whether someone goes through with booking, meaning your best customers are your best revenue generators, and your best sales channel. iPECS helps ensure that incoming calls are prioritised and handled by the best member of your team.

Brand Management & Customer Relationship Building

Returning guests can be one of the single biggest contributors to profitability and are an essential part of the mix in any hotel occupancy plan. Making guests feel at home and welcoming them back as old friends is the first stage in building great customer relationships.


Constantly connected travellers can be better informed of aspects of your hotel and offers than your own team are if you don’t equip them with the right tools to stay connected. In most hotels, over 80% of the team is mobile and therefore requires more than just a desk-based phone.

The New Normal

With the only constant change, there is no normal and guests are constantly challenging hotels to deliver new and different experiences, better value pricing and greater levels of service. iPECS hotel phone systems and applications can help your team to win in this new world through better communication and collaboration.

With these pressures and challenges, there is no single answer to winning in today’s competitive hospitality landscape. iPECS is part of the answer and feeds the flow of communications between your prospective guests, current guests, returning guests, booking teams and the whole hotel staff.


More Information – Hotel Phone Systems

If you would like more information, please download and read the brochure below. If you would like to discuss with us in further detail about our Hotel Phone Systems, please fill in the ‘How Can We Help’ form on the right side of this page and one of our communications analysts will get in touch to discuss your needs and build you the perfect communication solution. Alternatively, you can call us on 0343 507 1111.

Trade-In Offer – £5000 Off + 1 Million Minutes

Get up to £5000 off our award-winning phone systems when you trade-in your old one. In addition, if the new phone system you purchase is going to utilise SIP channels than you will get 1,000,000 UK Local, National & Mobile Minutes for free.

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SO WiFi – Ultimate Marketing Tool for Hotels

SO WiFi - Guest WiFi Marketing Solution

SO WiFi is our incredible Guest WiFi solution that provides fast and reliable guest WiFi to your customers, whilst also building up your hotel’s review rating on sites such as Tripadvisor and constructing your customer insights with data from actual customers.

“How does it work?”

  1. It all starts with a simple installation. SO WiFi can connect to your hardware, or we can provide our own for you
  2. Your customers sign up to use the guest WiFi using their social media and liking or following your hotel’s social media account which builds your social following and informs friends of customers of your hotel. Alternatively, customers can sign up using their email which will build your mailing list with people you know who are interested
  3. SO WiFi will collect your customer’s information on their social media such as their gender, age, interests, email address and more. SO WiFi will then build reports that you can use to look at your customer insights
  4. You can send emails to your customers asking them to review your hotel on various review sites and also send targeted emails to customers based on their gender, age, living area and more
  5. Through SO WiFi you can create custom landing pages your customers will see as they sign in which you can use to advertise your offers, products or events using images and videos

Click here to find out more about SO WiFi.

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