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What is Unified Comms?

What is Unified Comms?

Unified Comms is a big buzzword in the communications industry. What does it mean and why should your business even care? Well, let’s find out in our #bizfit blog: What is Unified Comms?

What is Unified Comms?

Unified Comms is the integration of all a business communications services into one solution. Voice, video, email, instant messaging and other forms of standard business communication is integrated to improve efficiency and productivity.

Unified Phone System

A phone system that allows a business to make more than just voice calls is a powerful tool to improve communication and save businesses money.

The Ericsson-LG UCP is an example of a Unified Comms enabled phone system, that allows users to carry out standard voice calls, video calls, conference calls (both voice and video), instant messaging and visual voicemails, all on the system itself, out of the box.

As all the Unified Comms features are built on to the phone system itself, built upon its architecture, there is less risk of compatibility problems that may arise, if for example a third-party service updates to a new version and is no longer supported on your phone system.

A Unified Comms enabled phone system could also link multiple business sites together, removing the need for multiple phone systems which can save a business a considerable amount of money.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a huge staple in Unified Comms since everyone pretty much has a smartphone, which they carry with them 24/7.

Apps that can integrate your business mobiles with your other communications are key, especially in the current world where remote working is increasing, and travelling is becoming a more common aspect of a worker’s role.

Apps like the UCS, which integrates your smartphone with your phone system are now more than important than ever.

It will allow you to answer calls made to your office phone on your smartphone or allow you to make calls with the impression that you are in the office, using Mobile Data or a Wi-Fi connection.

Take into account upcoming 5G connectivity which could provide smartphones with speeds similar to internet speeds in the office. It will be exciting to see how unified mobile apps will develop and what features will be available in the future.

Soft Client

A soft client is a program that enables VoIP communications (internet calling) on generic devices, such as a laptop, desktop PC or mobile smartphone.

The UCS can connect to your phone system and integrate it with your computing devices around the office, allowing you to make the most of what you have.

The UCS can remove the need of having a handset, which some people prefer as there will be less clutter around the desk, and for remote workers especially, it may be inconvenient to carry a handset around with them wherever they go.

Also, a soft client is extremely easy to use, especially when it comes to remembering how to carry out certain features on a handset which could take numerous steps and will come with built-in tutorials that you can follow if you need some help.

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