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What is a Hybrid Phone System?

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

With so many different Phone Systems and Communications Solutions out there for businesses, it’s no wonder why businesses are confused on what to choose for their business. So, what is a Hybrid Phone System and should your business be interested? Let’s find out.

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

A Hybrid Phone System is a phone system that is capable of using more than one type of technology to make calls, such as old ISDN or Analogue with new network technologies, like VoIP. They allow businesses to use their existing analogue lines with expandability to new digital technologies, simultaneously.

Advantages of a Hybrid Phone System

  • The main advantage of Hybrid Phone Systems is their ability to make calls using more than just one technology. This means businesses have the ultimate flexibility in their communications and can use their old lines with new VoIP.
  • Since Hybrid Phone Systems can work with old lines and new VoIP, a big advantage is that it allows business to have a seamless transition away from their old lines. BT had announced that they will terminate their ISDN lines by 2025 and replace them with IP, so making the switch to VoIP is now more important than ever.
  • Businesses can save money by being able to use their existing hardware and phone terminals with a Hybrid Phone System and won’t need to replace what they already have, which they might have to if they were to get a fully VoIP Phone System.
  • You can reduce line rental costs as you are able to take advantage of newer SIP network technologies with a Hybrid Phone System, which can save between 30% to 60% on a business’s current ISDN or Analogue line rental costs when they make the switch. Find out more about our SIP Service.
  • Another advantage is that if one of your lines goes down, such as your VoIP channel goes down due to a network outage, you can route the rest of your calls to your older existing analogue or ISDN lines and keep your communications going.

Is a Hybrid Phone System for me?

It’s clear that Hybrid Phone Systems come with many benefits, but they aren’t for everyone. Some businesses are better off with a VoIP Phone System, especially when they want to move away from their old phone networks. So, what businesses are Hybrid Phone Systems for?

A business that is currently using their analogue or ISDN lines regularly, or maybe has invested quite a lot into them and isn’t ready to switch to VoIP could benefit greatly from a Hybrid Phone System. The option to upgrade to VoIP will always just be within an arm’s reach so businesses could get the best of both worlds.

The choice is yours to make and ultimately you will have to decide whether a Hybrid Phone System is best for your business. However, if are still unsure and would like some expert advice, please call us on 0343 507 1111 or email us at info@lilycomms.co.uk and ask for some advice.

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