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Click to Dial and CRM Integration Software

PHONE-LiNK - Click to Dial & CRM Integration Software

What is PHONE-LiNK?

PHONE-LiNK is an application for Windows and Mac clients that allows users to control their iPECS Phone System on their desktop. PHONE-LiNK upgrades your communications by providing you full call control and additional tools to further improve communications and provide greater customer service.

With a whole host of features, such as Click To Dial functionality, Instant Messaging, Presence Monitoring and more, let’s go through the building blocks that make PHONE-LiNK a powerful communication tool.

Features of PHONE-LiNK:

Call Control

Through PHONE-LiNK, users can make, hang up, hold and even transfer calls through On-Screen call control without touching their physical phone handset. Through a simple and easy-to-use interface, users can confidently make the switch to screen-based call control.

PHONE-LiNK Call Control

User-Friendly Interface

Click to Dial

Dial numbers straight from a document, website or an application, such as a CRM by clicking or highlighting a number. Click to Dial can save valuable time, time that adds up. Saving just a few seconds on each call can create big savings.

Incoming Caller Details

Incoming calls trigger a small window to pop-up at the bottom right of your screen. The caller’s number will be shown, as well as their name if they are in your phone directory. Through this window, you are able to answer or hang up calls. Additionally, once you answer a call, you are able to do even more such as transferring, holding and consulting a call just through the pop-up.

PHONE-LiNK Caller Pop-up

Example of a Screen Pop-up

Presence Monitoring

Seeing the status of others connected to the system is a blessing. Through PHONE-LiNK, you will see if someone is available for a call, is in the middle of a call, is busy at 13:30-14:00, and more. You won’t have to blindly call someone or look at their desk to see if they are available anymore. Your team can save time and be more connected than ever.

Customer Records & Database

PHONE-LiNK will give you the option to open a customer’s records and database when they call, saving you from having to look for it yourself. Reduce call times and improve customer satisfaction by answering queries faster than ever.

CRM and Application Integration

Integration with a range of standard office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and CRM’s, such as Sage and Zoho means that your communications are truly integrated. Make the most out of your communications setup.

Instant Messaging

Users will welcome Instant Messaging as an important everyday tool for internal business communication. Instant Messaging gives users a platform to communicate quickly and effectively with each other. Without causing much disturbance, users can use Instant Messaging to talk to people who are in the middle of a call or to replace calling as their first plan of communication.

PHONE-LiNK Instant Messaging

Quick Instant Messaging

Benefits of PHONE-LiNK:

  • Save time and money – A few seconds saved can make a big difference
  • Improve internal communication – Use Instant Messaging and Presence Monitoring to stay connected with colleagues
  • Easy to use – The transition from physical call control to screen-based call control is seamless
  • Deliver greater Customer Service – Reduce call times and access customer records quicker than ever

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