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Hotel Wifi as a Marketing Tool

Hotel WiFi as a Marketing Tool

Hotel Wifi may just seem like, well…Wifi. But how would you feel if I told you that you can use your Hotel’s Guest Wifi as a marketing cannon, building your social media presence and your mailing list, whilst also providing a fast and secure Guest WiFi that your customers can use for free?

SO WiFi – Hotel WiFi & Marketing Solution in One

So WiFi is a Guest WiFi solution providing fast and secure WiFi for your customers, but also building your social media awareness and mailing list. It requires your customers to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ your business on their social media for access to your Hotel’s Guest WiFi.

It remembers who has followed or ‘liked’ you and will make sure they stay connected. Additionally, your customers also have the choice to give their email address instead. SO WiFi is separate from your work WiFi and can be implemented on your old, or new hardware.

Through the use of SO WiFi, you can effortlessly increase your social media following and your mailing list. Most importantly, you’re increasing them with actual customers, people you know who have an interest in your business.

What can SO WiFi do?

  • Increase your Followers and ‘Likes’ on Social Media – Your social media engagement will skyrocket as you will automatically increase in ‘likes’ and follows, well ahead of your competitors.
  • Increase Customer Retention – Send targeted emails to customers who have given their email address to keep them coming back.
  • Build Customer Insights effortlessly – As guests use the Hotel WiFi, their demographic information is collected from their social media. SO WiFi will collect their age, gender, interests and more, and will build reports without you doing any work.
  • Custom Landing Page Advertisements – Create custom landing pages that pop up to people automatically as they log in to the Guest WiFi. Display images, videos or even what your menu for the day is.
  • Target Landing Pages – Based on a customer’s demographic information, you can target specific landing pages. For example, you can have different landing pages show up, based on a customer’s gender. Or, you can have different videos for people of different age groups.
  • Increase your TripAdvisor Rating –  Remind people to rate your business on review sites like TripAdvisor when they log in. Or, you can send emails to customers that have given their email, tempting them to review your business on TripAdvisor. Rise to the top of the TripAdvisor search results with SO WiFi.
  • Block Inappropriate Websites – Inappropriate websites are blocked to prevent SO WiFi and connected devices to become infected with viruses. Users who access inappropriate websites can be barred from the Guest WiFi and their IP is recorded so you can identify the culprit.

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