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When a Customer Calls – First Impressions Count

When a Customer Calls - First Impressions Count

It is extremely important to get your first impression right. It can have a direct effect on whether a potential customer eventually becomes a client

You need to make sure that your first contact with a customer is smooth and professional. Even giving just one reason why a business may want to look elsewhere is one too many. A bad first impression will want to make a customer look the other way.

Here are a couple of issues that some businesses struggle with, that can be assisted with our communications solutions.


Missed Calls

85% of customers won’t call back if their call is missed, but missed calls won’t only deter repeating callers. They also cost UK SME’s £90m per year in revenue. That’s £1200 per missed call!

Its true callers may not call back if their call is missed, but no one said anything about them ignoring calls made to them. Using our Call Reporting Software, your team can see which calls have been missed, what time the missed caller had called, and won’t be removed from the software until the caller is called back by your team.

Additionally, our call reporting software can help you understand your businesses peak call hours, allowing you to ensure your business is staffed to the optimum level 24/7. Your team is monitored and tracked on call performance, giving you and your staff useful insights to see who is most, or least, effective.


Music On Hold is a powerful tool to make your business stand out from the rest. Having a high-quality, catchy music on hold with a clear and pleasant-sounding voice over will drastically improve your business’s perception and could increase the duration of how long customers stay on hold before hanging up.

We can create a bespoke music-on-hold telephone message for you using our online music-on-hold creator. Our iPECS Phone Systems come with music-on-hold and auto-attendant

On hold for too long

Keeping up with the theme on callers on hold, another issue you may face are callers hanging up because they have been kept on hold for too long.

We’ve all had to go through being kept on hold for a while, and it wasn’t fun. It’s extremely frustrating, but what can you really do about it? If lots of people are calling up at the same time and you don’t have the staff to deal with everyone at once, will you just have to outgrow the issue?

Not necessarily, using our Call Reporting Software again, you can see how many callers are currently on hold. Automatically, callers on hold are put into a list with the most patient callers on top. This allows your staff to effectively manage callers on hold based on how long they have been waiting.


Who knows how much potential business has been getting kicked out the door because you weren’t able to pick up your office calls. Calling up for someone and being told they aren’t available makes people feel like they are being ignored, even when they aren’t, they will most more hesitant to call up again.

Using our iPECS Phone Systems and mobile software, you can take your phone system with you, wherever you are. Using a Wi-Fi or mobile data network, you can answer inbound calls intended for your office phone, or make outbound calls with the impression you are in the office.

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