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Does your business need a Leased Line?

Leased Line

Leased Lines are something you might hear about quite a lot when looking for a communications solution for your business. But, what are they and does your business need one? Let’s find out.

What is a dedicated/leased line?

A leased line (aka dedicated line) is a private dedicated line that carries super fast data and voice to your company, even across multiple locations. A leased line is always on so there is a guaranteed level of service and is available for a fixed monthly price, no matter your usage.

Think of it as your home Wi-Fi, only you have access to it. Your neighbours probably have their own Wi-Fi that only they have access to. If you and your neighbours all used the same Wi-Fi, everyone would be saving money. But, you would most likely be getting extremely slow speeds. For some businesses, a dedicated line is essential for daily functioning, but is it essential for your business?

What type of business could benefit from a leased line?

Every business can benefit from a leased line, however, a business that heavily uses their internet will definitely get the best experience. Especially a heavy internet user that has slow internet and businesses usually stationed in rural areas.

Benefits of leased line:

  • Lightning fast speeds
  • Quality VoIP Calls
  • Large Data Uploads
  • Always on guaranteed service
  • Can be cost-effective

Lightning Fast

Leased Lines provide blazing-fast service. Not only will you benefit from speeds well above what you would normally get with standard shared lines, you will also be the only user. At peak times, consumer internet will suffer but a Leased Line will not. A speedy service, combined with you being the only user results in an unmatched communication solution, where just you get to experience fast speeds that you won’t have to share.

High-Quality VoIP Calls

Crystal-Clear VoIP Calls will no longer be considered an impossibility once you use a Leased Line. Calls will be loud and clear for both you and person on the other end, and there won’t be any distracting background static. If your business currently uses VoIP as its main communication technology, a Leased Line may be a great option of ‘giving life’ to your communications.

Large Data Uploads

A Leased Line will allow your business to upload large files at swift speeds. It could take you hours to upload an important file if you suffer from slow internet, usually if your business is stationed in a rural area. With a Leased Lines worries about uploading files as soon as you get to work in the morning are gone and you can comfortably upload large files whenever you please.

Always On

There is a guaranteed level of service with a leased line, meaning it will always be on. In the event that shared lines are unavailable, a leased line will continue to function. This could make or break a business during a disaster period. Your customers expect you to pick up the phone every time they call. You should live up to the promise and no disaster should stop you from doing so.

Potentially cost-effective

Due to a fixed monthly price, no matter what your usage is you will have to pay the same amount each month. Meaning, if you are a heavy user of data or your communications, a leased line may be a cost-effective communication solution for you. You could be saving money by paying monthly, rather than paying when you use it.

The ‘buffet’ analogy works great with a leased line. The more you eat (use) the more you are getting for your money. Of course, using a leased line is healthier than over-eating so there’s an added bonus.

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