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A.I. In Telecommunications

A.i. In Telecommunications

Artificial Intelligence is smarter than ever, and its development is not stopping anytime soon. A.I. is extremely intelligent and very flexible, in the sense that it can be applied to almost any technology.

Just recently, smartphone manufacturers such as LG and Honor (sub-brand of Huawei ) have included A.I. technology into their smartphone cameras, the LG V30+ and Honor 10.

Their cameras can recognise the objects in frame, sense the environment and automatically set the camera conditions, to produce what the A.I. thinks will be the best picture. The LG V30+ camera can even give you a list of shops to buy the object in the frame.

It’s clear that A.I. technology is advancing and is increasingly getting more involved in people’s lives. But, how will A.I. technology affect the Telecommunications industry?

Convincing A.I. Calls

On May 8th, 2018, Google demoed a new Google Assistant feature called Duplex. Duplex is an A.I. system that is aimed to tackle real-world tasks over the phone.

Designed to talk ‘naturally’ like a human, Google released an audio clip which they claim is their Duplex system talking to a real person. In this audio clip, the Duplex is calling a receptionist at a local business to book a haircut reservation for a client.

The clip made news world round as the Duplex system sounded just like a human making a phone call, it even added ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’ as fillers to make itself sound even more convincing.

Once Duplex or another similar A.I. system is released commercially, Telecoms and call etiquette, in general, will need to adapt and greatly change.

How would you even know if you have a call from a human? If you get a call from an A.I. would you talk to it differently? Will it understand empathy and pickup personality over the phone?

Of course, Google has said that in the future the A.I. will make it clear that you will be speaking to it and not an actual person. But, the question still remains, how would it affect the Telecommunications Industry? Would your business use an A.I. system to answer customer queries? A.I. calls are definitely something to consider.

A.I. Chatbots

A.I. is much more convincing through chatbots. It’s pretty much impossible to get an idea of what a person looks likes through text. But when staff are trained to almost answer ‘robotically’ to queries on their live chat, it’s also going to be difficult to sense whether you are talking to a person or an A.I.

An A.I. system can understand text easier than noise or visuals, so will more easily be able to be more convincing in their responses, which is why I believe A.I. Chatbots will be the first widespread artificial intelligence to come in between business-to-consumer communication.

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