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SIP vs ISDN vs Analogue

What is SIP?

'Session Initiation Protocol' is a protocol of VoIP which allows users to make voice and video calls. Essentially, it allows the internet to be used to carry calls, just like a phone line.

Advantages of SIP

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GDPR in 2018 | How is your business affected?

Find out what the GDPR is, what key changes will take place that you should be aware of and why you should care about it in our #bizfit blog: GDPR in 2018.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation created by the EU to strengthen data protection for those living within the...

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We have already covered BYOD in one of our previous #bizfit blogs, but what are COPE and CYOD schemes and how do they all compare with each other? Let's go through them one-by-one so you can determine which one is best for your business in our #bizfit blog: BYOD vs COPE vs CYOD. Read more

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

With so many different Phone Systems and Communications Solutions out there for businesses, it's no wonder why businesses are confused on what to choose for their business. So, what is a Hybrid Phone System and should your business be interested? Let's find out.

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

A Hybrid Phone...

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5G, The Next Generation of Mobile Working

5G is currently being developed with lightning-fast speeds far greater than 4G. But what are the main benefits and how does the future of 5G Mobile compare to 4G and 3G? Let's find out.

5G Mobile for Businesses

What is 5G?

5G is the next...

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Winter is Coming – Have You Thought About Business Energy Prices?

Business Energy Prices

Energy is one of the most overlooked necessities by businesses, with most spending more than they should on their bills. Winter is just around the corner and an increase in usage during the chilly season just makes matters worse. In this article, I will cover the problem with business...

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Phone System Mistakes You Could Be Making

When it comes to having the right phone system for your business, you can make lots of mistakes. Mistakes that cost your business needless spending. Here are 5 Phone System Mistakes you could be making right now and why should stop.

1. Using Analogue Lines

Using Analogue as your main phone line is a burden for a...

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The Future of Business Communications

The future can be something to look forward to or something to fear. Fortunately, with technology, the future usually results in cooler and more advanced tech coming into the scene. But, what comes next and how big of a dent would it put on business communications as we know it?

Voice Telephony

We’ve come a...

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Click to Dial and CRM Integration Software

What is PHONE-LiNK?

PHONE-LiNK is an application for Windows and Mac clients that allows users to control their iPECS Phone System on their desktop. PHONE-LiNK upgrades your communications by providing you full call control and additional tools to further improve communications and provide greater customer...

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Hotel Wifi as a Marketing Tool

Hotel Wifi may just seem like, well...Wifi. But how would you feel if I told you that you can use your Hotel's Guest Wifi as a marketing cannon, building your social media presence and your mailing list, whilst also providing a fast and secure Guest WiFi that your customers can use for free?

SO WiFi - Hotel WiFi &...

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Does your business need a Leased Line?

Leased Lines are something you might hear about quite a lot when looking for a communications solution for your business. But, what are they and does your business need one? Let's find out.

What is a dedicated/leased line?

A leased line (aka dedicated line) is a private dedicated line that carries super fast data...

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Simple SEO for Small UK Businesses

SEO can put your small business on the online map, the most popular advertising platform. Here are 3 simple SEO fixes you can do right now by yourself to boost your page ranking.

Simple SEO for Small UK Businesses

Improving Page Speed

Improving Page Speed will not only boost...

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Top 5 Threats to your Business Phone System #bizfit


Your communications system cost a pretty penny so you'll want to know how to protect it and keep it pretty. Here are the greatest threats to your business phone system and how to prevent them.

Security Breach

VoIP is a relatively new technology and high-level security...

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Phone System Jargon, Explained | Part 1

Basic Phone System Jargon with Not So Basic Answers

Ever wondered what an ISDN line is, or what PBX means? Well, I did and researching for the answers was littered with pestering technical talk that I didn't understand. I wasn't getting a clear answer. On this post, you will find clear-cut answers to phone system...

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CRM – The Marketing Power Tool #bizfit

What is a CRM system?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System is a large database of customer information, stored in one place. A CRM System comes with a lot of features that overall aim to improve your relationship with your customers. One feature, for example, is the ability to archive customer...

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The Best Unified Communications Applications #bizfit

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is the integration of real-time communications, such as videoconferencing and instant messaging, to non-real-time communications like email, and to conventional business processes. Here are a few of the very best Unified Communications Applications available...

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Visitor Marketing – The Next Big Marketing Strategy? #bizfit

What is Visitor Marketing?

Visitor Marketing is a somewhat new concept in which you target physical customers to advertise your business, or to encourage them to come back. Using tools and methods, you can sway visitors to like your business on Social Media for access to free Guest WiFi or a...

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BYOD in the workplace – Benefits & Disadvantages #bizfit

What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for 'Bring your own device', which is the action in which employees bring their own devices for use in the workplace. Workers can use their own devices, such as mobile phones and laptops to access company information and applications. In this blog article, I will go...

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Cloud or Cupboard Phone System – What’s best for business? #bizfit


You have just decided that you want to buy, or upgrade to a new phone system. However, you have been deluged with terminology, 'Cloud-Based' and 'Cupboard'. What do those terms mean and why should you pick one over the other? You will find the answers here, but it is up to you to make the final decision....

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The Future is Here for Business Mobile #bizfit


It wasn’t long ago that mobiles were, barely mobile and were strictly communication devices. In 2011 there were 21.6 million smartphone users in the UK and it's estimated to jump to 46.4 million by 2018. That's more than 70% of the projected UK population then. Mobile technology has advanced...

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