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The Importance of Graphic Design for SMEs

Even before Lily became ‘the home of digital transformation’ it was crucial for us as a growing business to have a website, an active social media presence, photography and effective marketing materials, all with a distinctive brand identity that was unique to us. Graphic design is heavily involved in our day to day lives and continually...

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Millennials and Cybercrime

This awesome article was written by Hogan Injury Cybercrime has cost victims $126 billion worldwide and it has indeed established itself as a criminal enterprise. Every day, we see headlines on Read more

What is Digital Transformation?

In simple terms, digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, essentially, changing the ways in which the business operates and functions on a day-to-day basis. Incorporating digital transformation into a business results in the need for companies to adjust, experiment and become comfortable with...

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MIFID II – How will it affect my business?

What is MIFID II?

Mifid II is The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive which is the European Union legislation that helps regulate firms who provide a service to clients linked to Shares, Bonds and Units in Collective Investment Schemes....

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5G In The UK – What’s New?

We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of commercial 5G networks in the UK, but what’s new? What has recently happened that can give us an insight into 5G in the future? Let’s find out in our #bizfit blog.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of Broadband Cellular Network Technology, here to replace 4G with...

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When a Customer Calls – First Impressions Count

It is extremely important to get your first impression right. It can have a direct effect on whether a potential customer eventually becomes a client You need to make sure that your first contact with a customer is smooth and professional. Even giving just one reason why a business may want...

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Importance of Call Recording

Call Recording is extremely important, especially in this day and age when a number of transactions are still handled over the phone. The ability to capture inbound and outbound phone conversations of staff who sell over the phone, or handle customer queries is convenient and may even be a legal requirement. There are many reasons why...

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A.I. In Telecommunications

Artificial Intelligence is smarter than ever, and its development is not stopping anytime soon. A.I. is extremely intelligent and very flexible, in the sense that it can be applied to almost any technology. Just recently, smartphone manufacturers such as LG and Honor (sub-brand of Huawei ) have included A.I. technology into their smartphone...

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a highly scalable, low cost and manageable productivity software solution that provides a business with standard Microsoft Office applications and other productivity services that are enabled through cloud services. Plans are available for a business of one worker, all the way to tens of thousands and can be paid for monthly or...

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What is Unified Comms?

Unified Comms is a big buzzword in the communications industry. What does it mean and why should your business even care? Well, let's find out in our #bizfit blog: What is Unified Comms?

What is Unified Comms?

Unified Comms is the integration of all a business communications services into one...

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Cloud Telephony – The Future of Comms

Cloud Telephony is the future of communications, especially in the business world. Over the years, the use of Cloud Telephony will greatly increase and will overtake traditional On-Premise Technology. What should businesses be excited for, and what obstacles need to be overcome to make sure Cloud Telephony succeeds?

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The Power of Business Reviews (Local SEO)

Collecting business reviews, especially on Google, could increase your online brand awareness, and potentially increase your local business by attracting customers in your area. How? Well, let's go through the power of business reviews.

Why are business reviews so effective?

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How Call Reporting Can Save Your Business £1000’s a Year

UK SMEs are losing £90m per year in revenue through missed calls. That equates to £1,200 per missed call. The biggest losers are those with 20-49 employees, letting a massive £36m slip through the net per year. 85% of customers will not call back if their call is missed. They will just go to the next option – your competitor. Crazy...

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MAC vs Windows vs Chromebooks | What’s Best for Business?

When deciding what computer hardware your staff are going to use, whether it be for regular office use or remote working, the first hurdle is to decide on which Operating System to go for. With the most popular being Windows followed by Apple machines and Googles Chromebooks on the rise, what is best for business? Let's find out. Read more

The End is Nigh for ISDN – Long Live SIP

BT has announced that they are going to shut down their ISDN and PSTN network by 2025 and are going to move their whole network over to IP. This is big news as all ISDN lines in the UK are from the BT network, and all ISDN and Analogue lines in the UK are connected to BT's PSTN network. So, everyone in the UK using ISDN will be...

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SIP vs ISDN vs Analogue

What is SIP?

'Session Initiation Protocol' is a protocol of VoIP which allows users to make voice and video calls. Essentially, it allows the internet to be used to carry calls, just like a phone line.

Advantages of SIP

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GDPR in 2018 | How is your business affected?

Find out what the GDPR is, what key changes will take place that you should be aware of and why you should care about it in our #bizfit blog: GDPR in 2018.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation created by the EU to strengthen data protection for those living within the...

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We have already covered BYOD in one of our previous #bizfit blogs, but what are COPE and CYOD schemes and how do they all compare with each other? Let's go through them one-by-one so you can determine which one is best for your business in our #bizfit blog: BYOD vs COPE vs CYOD. Read more

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

With so many different Phone Systems and Communications Solutions out there for businesses, it's no wonder why businesses are confused on what to choose for their business. So, what is a Hybrid Phone System and should your business be interested? Let's find out.

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

A Hybrid Phone...

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